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Table of Contents

Crypto Critics’ Corner [TOP]

  • Episode 1 – The early history of Bitfinex and Tether
  • Episode 2 – The more recent history of Bitfinex and Tether
  • Episode 3 – Questions and answers about Bitfinex and Tether
  • Episode 5 – (Cas did episode 4 alone) A discussion on Tether’s asset breakdown
  • Episode 6 – Cas and I discuss the history of Crypto Capital Corp
  • Episode 7 – Cas and I discuss QuadrigaCX
  • Episode 8 – Cas and I discuss Coinbase media, fact checking, and journalism more broadly.
  • Episode 9 – Cas and I discuss the epidemic of shillfluencers in crypto.
  • Episode 10 – We discuss what is a Tether redemption.
  • Episode 11 – We discuss El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.
  • Episode 12 – We discuss regulatory capture and regulatory arbitrage
  • Episode 13 – We are joined by David Canellis to discuss the pseudo-decentralized social media platform BitClout.
  • Episode 14 – Cas and I discuss him traveling to Hong Kong on a Quixotic journey to find Bitfinex and Tether.
  • Episode 15 – Cas and I are joined by David Z. Morris of Coindesk to discuss Enron.
  • Episode 16 – Cas and I are joined by Rohan Grey of Willamette Law to discuss money transmitters, stablecoins, CBDCs, and the STABLE Act.
  • Episode 17 – Cas and I are joined by Preston Byrne to discuss stablecoins, DeFi, regulations, and decentralization theater.
  • Episode 18 – Cas and I discuss charity fraud and malfeasance in the cryptocurrency space
  • Episode 19 – Cas and I are joined by Frances Coppola to discuss inflation, deflation, and stablecoins.
  • Episode 20 – Cas and I are joined by Frances Coppola to discuss regulation for stablecoins and algorithmic stablecoins.
  • Episode 21 – Cas and I discuss Bitcoin! Why we got involved, why we like it, why we worry about it.
  • Episode 22 – Cas and I are joined by Robert Green, a marketing consultant who had worked for Blockchain Terminal and we discussed the issues with that project.
  • Episode 23 – Cas and I discuss the leaked Tai Chi document that details Binance and Binance US regulatory arbitrage strategy.
  • Episode 24 – Cas and I discuss Cumberland Global, the cryptocurrency offshoot of DRW, and one of the most important firms in the space.
  • Episode 25 – Cas and I discuss WorldCom, one of the largest corporate frauds of all time.
  • Episode 26 – Cas and I discuss cryptocurrency lending platforms like BlockFi, Celsius, and Nexo and the problems we see with them.

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management [TOP]

  • Guest Lecture – I gave a guest lecture to serve as an introduction to Tether and Bitfinex

Grant Williams Podcast [TOP]

  • First Appearance – I am joined by George Noble on the Grant Williams Podcast to discuss the history of Bitfinex and Tether and its role in the market more broadly.

The Blockchain Debate [TOP]

  • First Appearance – Larry Cermak and I debated whether or not Tether and Bitfinex are bad actors and were joined by Patrick McKenzie of Stripe.
  • Second Appearance – I debate Sam Kazemian to discuss whether or not algorithmic stablecoins are actually possible to execute on well.


  • First Appearance – My interview begins a little after the 15 minute mark. We discuss what is crypto, why is crypto, and what has crypto inherited from the archetype of the classic American con.

When The Music Stops [TOP]

  • First appearance – We discuss Tether, Dai, Binance, the market structure of crypto and what are systemic risks.

Keyword Crypto [TOP]

Great Minds [TOP]

  • First appearance – we discuss whether or not I’m a bitcoiner and whether or not Tether is a fraud.

The Deep Dive [TOP]

  • First appearance – We discuss the NYAG investigation, the history of Bitfinex and Tether, and more.
  • Second appearance – We discuss Bitfinex and Tether, specifically discussing the bank fraud probe.

Coffeezilla [TOP]

  • First appearance – I discuss the founders of Bitfinex and Tethers on this YouTube video.

Twitter Spaces [TOP]

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