Podcast Appearances

Table of Contents

Innovated [TOP]

Season 1

  • Episode 1 – Cas Piancey and I introduce the blockchain city.
  • Episode 2 – Cas and I discuss the moneyed interests behind the blockchain city.
  • Episode 3 – Cas and I discuss company towns.
  • Episode 4 – Cas travels to the desert to see what actually exists for this desert utopia, and talks to a local investigative journalist who has been covering the story.
  • Episode 5 – Cas Piancey returns to Storey County to try to find out what remains of the Blockchain City.

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management [TOP]

  • Guest Lecture – I gave a guest lecture to serve as an introduction to Tether and Bitfinex

Odd Lots [TOP]

Grant Williams Podcast [TOP]

  • First Appearance – I am joined by George Noble on the Grant Williams Podcast to discuss the history of Bitfinex and Tether and its role in the market more broadly.

The Blockchain Debate [TOP]

  • First Appearance – Larry Cermak and I debated whether or not Tether and Bitfinex are bad actors and were joined by Patrick McKenzie of Stripe.
  • Second Appearance – I debate Sam Kazemian to discuss whether or not algorithmic stablecoins are actually possible to execute on well.

Law of Code [TOP]

  • First appearance – I discuss my philosophy and history in crypto, and the history of Bitfinex and Tether.


  • First Appearance – My interview begins a little after the 15 minute mark. We discuss what is crypto, why is crypto, and what has crypto inherited from the archetype of the classic American con.
  • Second Appearance – We discuss cryptocurrency fraud by an indicted Florida GOP consultant and how crypto can be used for money laundering.

Scam Economy [TOP]

  • First appearance – I discuss the collapse of Luna and Terra.
  • Second appearance – I discuss the SEC crackdown on staking-as-a-service and banks leaving the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Tech Won’t Save Us [TOP]

  • First appearance – I discuss the collapse of Luna and Terra, stablecoins, and crypto morality.

This Machine Kills [TOP]

  • First Appearance – Cas and I join This Machine Kills to discuss Terra/Luna, Tether, and crypto more broadly.

When The Music Stops [TOP]

  • First appearance – We discuss Tether, Dai, Binance, the market structure of crypto and what are systemic risks.

This Week in Startups [TOP]

  • First appearance – I appear on This Week in Startups to discuss the collapse of Luna and Terra.

Coindesk TV [TOP]

  • First appearance – I went on Coindesk TV to discuss the collapse of Luna and Terra.

Carpe Consensus [TOP]

  • First appearance – I went on Carpe Consensus to discuss my view of the cryptocurrency ecosystem

TastyTrade [TOP]

  • First appearance – I went on TastyTrade to discuss the collapse of Luna and Terra.

This Week in Doom [TOP]

  • First appearance – I discuss the collapse of Luna/Terra and how to think about Tether with Grant Williams, Doomberg, and George Noble.

Griftonomics [TOP]

  • First appearance – I discuss the nature of the DeFi and the structural and regulatory issues that arise.

Keyword Crypto [TOP]

Great Minds [TOP]

  • First appearance – we discuss whether or not I’m a bitcoiner and whether or not Tether is a fraud.

The Deep Dive [TOP]

  • First appearance – We discuss the NYAG investigation, the history of Bitfinex and Tether, and more.
  • Second appearance – We discuss Bitfinex and Tether, specifically discussing the bank fraud probe.

Coffeezilla [TOP]


  • First appearance – I discuss my opinion on various parts of the NFT ecosystem and specifically on various NFT coins.

Proof of Work [TOP]

  • First appearance – I discuss Tether/Bitfinex and Bitcoin and crypto more broadly.

Chit Chat Money [TOP]

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast [TOP]

Twitter Spaces [TOP]

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