Podcast Appearances

Table of Contents

Crypto Critics’ Corner [TOP]

  • Episode 1 – The early history of Bitfinex and Tether
  • Episode 2 – The more recent history of Bitfinex and Tether
  • Episode 3 – Questions and answers about Bitfinex and Tether
  • Episode 5 – (Cas did episode 4 alone) A discussion on Tether’s asset breakdown
  • Episode 6 – Cas and I discuss the history of Crypto Capital Corp
  • Episode 7 – Cas and I discuss QuadrigaCX
  • Episode 8 – Cas and I discuss Coinbase media, fact checking, and journalism more broadly.

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management [TOP]

  • Guest Lecture – I gave a guest lecture to serve as an introduction to Tether and Bitfinex

The Blockchain Debate [TOP]


  • First Appearance – My interview begins a little after the 15 minute mark. We discuss what is crypto, why is crypto, and what has crypto inherited from the archetype of the classic American con.

When The Music Stops [TOP]

  • First appearance – We discuss Tether, Dai, Binance, the market structure of crypto and what are systemic risks.

Keyword Crypto [TOP]

Great Minds [TOP]

  • First appearance – we discuss whether or not I’m a bitcoiner and whether or not Tether is a fraud.

The Deep Dive [TOP]

  • First appearance – We discuss the NYAG investigation, the history of Bitfinex and Tether, and more.

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