Scientific Nutrition Update 32: Low Carb Diets, Glycogen, and the Week 1 Effect

This episode is basically a rant about something that frustrates me that I see all the time in online low carb dieting and ketogenic diet groups.  People do not realize how much of the initial weight loss with low carb diets is water weight.

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Scientific Nutrition Update 4: Trend Line Dieting

In this episode we discuss a tool I discussed in yesterday’s episode and a couple times before.  It is a technique I call trend line dieting, that helps you figure out how your weight is actually changing.  It was first introduced to me in The Hacker’s Diet by John Walker and is a way to take control of your weight.  This is a really interesting episode you should listen to. Just click the read more button to hear this one.

Scientific Nutrition Update 3: Gain Weight with Only a Little Fat

Here we are with episode 3 of my brand new podcast that gives you quick daily updates on my thoughts on something interesting in health and nutrition.  (Episode 1Episode 2)  In this episode we discuss techniques that can help you gain weight, without gaining too much fat.  This is very different from yesterdays episode where our goal was to gain the weight as quickly as possible (Yesterday’s Episode)  Click the read more button to listen in and read the five rules.
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Withings Go Review: An Activity Tracker for Everyone



The Withings Go is a new fitness tracker from the company that entered the activity tracker space initially with the gorgeous, but expensive Activite.  This is also the same company that really made the wireless scale into a hugely popular category in the fitness tracking space.  Read on to find out if this inexpensive tracker is truly useful. Continue reading “Withings Go Review: An Activity Tracker for Everyone”

The Easy Alternative To Calorie Counting

Calorie counting for some people conjures up the image of slavish devotion to a diet.  It evokes image of time consuming effort in order to track your every bite of food.  This form of behavior change has been proven to be effective, however, because of its difficulty many people quit before they lose the weight necessary.  However, the idea of maintaining a record of your eating does seem to have potential as a dietary intervention.
The simple solution to this problem is to take photos of all food you consume.  This record serves some of the same behavior purposes as the food diary.  The reason it is useful is because knowing that you have to log your food can subtly influence your decisions.  Taking photographs “raised the awareness of their diets…the act of photographing altered behaviour for some because it forced them to think about their food choices” (Zepeda and Deal 696).  The evidence suggests that being forced to log and evaluate your food choices in this manner made many people change their diets.

This can become even more powerful if you upload these pictures to dropbox, or social media where you can have trusted friends make sure that you are sticking to your goals.

This is a case where simplicity makes the weight loss that much more simple.  We want weight loss and lifestyle changes to  be as easy as possible.


Zepeda, Lydia, and David Deal. “Think before You Eat: Photographic Food Diaries as Intervention Tools to Change Dietary Decision Making and Attitudes.” International Journal of Consumer Studies 32.6 (2008): 692-98. Web.

Trend Line Dieting


What we see above is an example of my weight trend for the past five days.  As explained in the previous post (here).

Trend line dieting is one of the simplest but also a surprisingly effective form of dieting.  Basically the idea is that all you track is your weight and using a trend line all you have to do is ensure that the line is moving the direction that you want.  For example, I want to lose weight, so it is my goal to make sure that the pictured trend line keeps decreasing, and as long as it does I do not need to worry. Continue reading “Trend Line Dieting”

How to Track Weight Effectively and Easily

Image courtesy of Angelsharum.

Weight tracking seems like one  of the easiest things you could do.  You just weight yourself and then keep track of how it changes.  However, this method can cause people to very quickly lose motivation, so instead we are going to focus on several principles that will help eliminate the motivation destroying spikes. Continue reading “How to Track Weight Effectively and Easily”