Scientific Nutrition Update 39: Resveratrol


This is my longest episode I have done so far.  In it I discuss my favorite polyphenol, resveratrol.  It is commonly found in wine and for a long time was thought to be the primary contributor to many of the health benefits of wine.  This episode is actually the main episode, which is only a little bit longer than normal, and then a bonus section where I focus a bit more technically on three of the proposed cellular mechanisms for resveratrol.  In it I discuss a paper I wrote, and if you would like to read the paper you can find it in the Scientific Nutrition Group on Facebook. Without further ado, see why this is my favorite polyphenol, and why I continue to quixotically yell about how we are not mice.

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Scientific Nutrition Update 38: Tequila and Weight Loss (Science Reporting Sucks)

Today we get to talk about my favorite liquor, tequila.  Actually we are going to talk about how the vast majority of science reporting is absolutely worthless, but we are going to use the fact that people keep saying tequila helps with weight loss to accomplish that.  Now in episode 8 I previously discussed the health effects of alcohol and I am not going to be rehashing that here.

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Scientific Nutrition Update 37: The Nocebo Effect

Yesterday we got to discuss one of my favorite effects in health the placebo effect. It is a fascinating window into the effect that our psychology and our mindset has on our health.  Today we are looking at the opposite effect, which is called the nocebo effect.  The nocebo effect is when you actually get worse or develop side effects from a substance that should be inert and it is a really cool effect.

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