Scientific Nutrition Update 51: Nutrient Partitioning Effect

Inspired by Dr. Lagakos and his book The poor, misunderstood calorie and it’s chapter on nutrient partitioning I decided to take a look at it.  This is a really interesting effect.

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Scientific Nutrition Update 44: Arginine Precursors, Macrophages, and Recovery


This episode is a request from a fan of the site.  They wanted to know whether arginine precursors may help with recovery by interacting with macrophages.  This is a little bit heavier science than many of my episodes, but it was interesting to me and I hope it will be interesting to you too.

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Scientific Nutrition Update 42: Football and Heart Disease

Before I start what is likely going to be one of my controversial episodes, I need to make it very clear that I love football.  I played for a decade and coached for seven years.  However, there is emerging evidence of a link between football and heart disease.  On a more personal note, several of the men who have coached me at different points in my career have died from heart attacks.  Take every effort you can to control the risk factors you can.  Consult regularly with your physician, and make sure that you are working with him to control your blood pressure, your cholesterol, and everything else you can.

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