First Appearance on Griftonomics

Debunking DeFi (w/ Bennett Tomlin of Crypto Critics' Corner) GRIFTONOMICS

DeFi, short for “Decentralized Finance”, has been a popular buzzword of late – you might have had a friend or family member tell you about this hot new technology that can make you massive returns each week. At its peak, the DeFi ecosystem has come close to a reported $100B invested. But what really is DeFi and is it everything it’s cracked up to be? In recent months, the industry has suffered from hacks, market crashes and increased regulatory attention. Is this the future of finance, or just an elaborate get-rich-quick scheme on a course for disaster? To help us explore the wild world of DeFi, we’re joined by Bennett Tomlin, data scientist, consultant and co-host of the popular podcast Crypto Critics' Corner. Follow Bennett: YouTube Newsletter Twitter Follow GRIFTONOMICS: Website Twitter YouTube

Recently I went on Jackson Palmer’s podcast Griftonomics to discuss the nature and structure of DeFi.

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