My First Appearance on the Law of Code Podcast

#29 – Bennett Tomlin: The Tether & Bitfinex Connection Law of Code

Bennett Tomlin (@BennettTomlin) is the co-host of the podcast Crypto Critics’ Corner, where he breaks down current events in crypto & finance. He is a data scientist who loves to analyze and track down frauds. Bennett also writes a newsletter, the Facts Under Dispute (FUD) Letter, which takes a deep dive into the darkest corners of crypto on a monthly basis. Bennett is a vocal & endearing critic of DeFi, and offers unique and refreshing insight while keeping a close eye on the largest players in the space. In this episode of Law of Code, Bennett and Jacob discuss the evolution of stablecoins, the relationship between Bitfinex & Tether, and what the future holds for Bitcoin. We also cover: [1:16] Bennett's Introduction to Bitcoin [5:05] Crypto Critic's Corner [10:45] Conducting Crypto Research [17:00] Danger of Centralized Actors  [19:10] The Story of Bitfinex & Tether [32:30] Government Regulation of Stablecoins [39:33] Consensus, Decentralization & Bitcoin Hard Forks [45:50] Projects Bennett is Watching  [50:10] Best Advice: "It's better to ask a dumb question, than to fail to ask it and be dumb"  Listen and subscribe to Law of Code for weekly updates and interviews on the intersection of blockchain and the law.

I was recently lucky enough to go on the Law of Code podcast to discuss my philosophy on crypto, my history of how I got into crypto, and what the heck is happening with Tether and Bitfinex.

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