Meta Sales Call

“What we are discussing here is an innovative new method for omni-location collaboration and most importantly a novel way for managers to connect with their teams in the modern paradigm of remote work.”

“So what does it actually do?”

“Your entire organization creates avatars so that they can collaborate in a four-dimensional multi-sensory metaverse. We integrate with your existing scheduling programs and allow for a new paradigm for meetings.”

“You mentioned it helps managers?”

“Yes! This is the feature that people have been most interested in. With more and more organizations going remote we have heard a recurring complaint from managers that they no longer feel connected to the day to day and minute to minute activities of their teams. With Meta for work we once again enable your managers to do the ‘quick walk-around’ and the ‘fast chat’ to help them stay abreast of every action their team members do.”

“Hmm, our middle management has been feeling frustrated for the last couple years since we had to go remote.”

“Exactly! Plus you will get to publish a press release saying your company is one of the vanguard who are adopting the revolutionary technology of the metaverse.”

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