Episode 19 – Inflation, deflation, and stablecoins with Frances Coppola (Part 1) — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/08/02/episode-19-inflation-deflation-and-stablecoins-with-frances-coppola-part-1/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss https://youtu.be/QhB1SzOx518 In this episode Cas and I are joined by Frances Coppola to discuss inflation and deflation along with stablecoins.  AnchorSpotifyAppleGoogleOvercastRSS Feed You can find Frances’ Twitter here, her blog here, and her book here. Note: This post contains an affiliate link to support the blog.

Episode 18 – Crypto Charity: where you donate to random people making promises and get nothing in return — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/07/30/episode-18-crypto-charity-where-you-donate-to-random-people-making-promises-and-get-nothing-in-return/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss https://youtu.be/MMcZjMQLo_E In this episode Cas and I are discussing the problematic history of charities in the crypto space.  AnchorSpotifyAppleGoogleOvercastRSS Feed I discuss Jacob Kostecki here: https://bennettftomlin.com/2020/04/01/a-list-of-facts-about-jacob-jakub-kostecki/