A Conversation about the Future of Finance

This story was inspired by this tweet.

“Bro, you gotta get in on this. I think I have discovered the future of finance.”

“What is it?”

“It’s this thing called AuthorityPunks, it’s these random digits on computers all around the world that say I own this collection of pixels.”

“Okay? Can you do anything with it?”

“Of course you can! So many people want to buy them, so you get in early on the good ones, especially if you get a rare Punk then you can flip it to someone else for more money.”

“Hmm, gotcha. So like a baseball card but I don’t actually get the card right?”


“Okay wait when I try to lookup AuthorityPunks I find a whole bunch of other very similar punks, which is the real punks?”

“Well, the real punks was the CryptoPunks, but then that was forked to make BinancePunks, and now that’s been forked a few more times and now we are all flipping AuthorityPunks.”

“Okay so how do I get AuthorityPunks?”

“First, transfer a whole bunch of money to Coinbase, then buy as much Ether as you can afford, transactions are expensive so you’re going to need more than you think, then install this extension called MetaMask, make sure to keep track of your private key, and then transfer your Ether from Coinbase to your MetaMask, then just navigate to this website, ignore the warning about no SSL certificate, follow the instructions on how to interact with the contract, and send your Ether to the contract. Could not be any simpler than that.”

“This is the future of finance you say?”

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