Sunday Reads – Things I Found Interesting 2021-05-30

Ethereum Vitalik breaks down the limits to scaling. Hard Forks Eric Wall shares a flowchart from the Segwit2X Bitcoin scaling debate that can serve as a useful model for understanding contentious hard forks. Steve Bannon's Italian Gladiator School for Western Culture Ben Munster breaks down the absurdity of the above phrase. ICYMI In … Continue reading Sunday Reads – Things I Found Interesting 2021-05-30

My Appearance on COINTELPRO Cointelpro is a new podcast that I went on, quite different from other ones I've done. Much broader in scope and much less focused on crypto. My interview starts a little after the 15 minute mark. We discuss what is crypto, why is crypto, and how does crypto inherit from classic American con men. … Continue reading My Appearance on COINTELPRO

Sunday Reads – Links I Found Interesting 2021-05-16 Tether Releases Asset Breakdown I wrote up my thoughts on it here. Cas Piancey and I also did a podcast episode on it: David Gerard wrote up his and seems to have trouble determining what a 'reverse repo note' might be: Amy Castor (archive) also wrote up her thoughts on … Continue reading Sunday Reads – Links I Found Interesting 2021-05-16

$ALCX: Alchemix Cannot Turn Lead to Gold

There is a brand new DeFi protocol that lets you immediately take out a loan for half your collateral and the protocol will automatically pay back your loan. Financial magic, involving transmuting one coin, into another, while depositing one in a pool, magically you can get a loan and have no risk of liquidations (not … Continue reading $ALCX: Alchemix Cannot Turn Lead to Gold

The Ethics of Censorship Resistance

Recently, Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain have increased in usage thanks to congestion on Ethereum. Also recently, several people have started posting politically censored material on Binance's chains. This opens up several ethical questions that I think are valuable for anyone involved in crypto to ruminate on. Censorship resistance is a valuable tool. It … Continue reading The Ethics of Censorship Resistance

Predictions and Outcomes

At one point I tried to learn about a token called Kimchi. That token no longer has any volume or value to speak of. I decided to summarize some facts about the failed crypto entrepreneur Jacob Kostecki. Today, the class action lawsuit against him has entered default judgement. I wrote about a deeply exploitive scam … Continue reading Predictions and Outcomes