Tether’s Change of Heart

I have struggled for years to parse Tether's behavior. It is very difficult to determine which of their inexplicable actions are motivated by incompetence, by negligence, by desperation, or by malice. Were they unbacked because they were taking advantage of their users, because they thought they had no better option, or because they didn't realize … Continue reading Tether’s Change of Heart

Episode 28 — Liberty Reserve: The First Stablecoin — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/10/04/episode-28-liberty-reserve-the-first-stablecoin/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss https://youtu.be/Fim-939Cbxg In this episode Cas and I discuss what we call the ‘first stablecoin’ Liberty Reserve. Liberty Reserve was a digital representation of a dollar that was marketed based on its censorship resistance that was frequently used for illicit acts and was shut down thanks to massive cooperation between regulators and law enforcement. … Continue reading Episode 28 — Liberty Reserve: The First Stablecoin — Crypto Critics’ Corner

Episode 27 — Evergrande with David Z Morris — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/09/28/episode-27-evergrande-with-david-z-morris/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss https://youtu.be/IFAQhAvO6F0 In this episode Cas and I are joined by David Z Morris of Coindesk to discuss some of the oddities surrounding the current situation with Evergrande in China. AnchorSpotifyAppleGoogleOvercastRSS Feed You can find David’s Twitter here, his Substack here, and his book here.

Episode 26 — Cryptocurrency Lending is Too Good to Believe — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/09/13/episode-26-cryptocurrency-lending-is-too-good-to-believe/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss https://youtu.be/A_Sj_ZrlyLs In this episode Cas and I discuss the problems with cryptocurrency lending companies including BlockFi, Celsius, and Nexo. They are marketed as risk-free while actually you take on significant counterparty risk.  AnchorSpotifyAppleGoogleOvercastRSS Feed

Episode 25 — Remembering Fraud: WorldCom — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/09/06/episode-25-remembering-fraud-worldcom/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss https://youtu.be/2kJWvqV6YQo In this episode Cas and I discuss one of the biggest corporate frauds ever: WorldCom. WorldCom was a telecommunications company that used mergers and acquisitions to grow and accounting fraud to stay profitable. You can read Cas’ article on it here.  AnchorSpotifyAppleGoogleOvercastRSS Feed

Episode 24 — C.R.E.A.M. Cumberland Rules Everything Around Me — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/08/30/episode-24-c-r-e-a-m-cumberland-rules-everything-around-me/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss https://youtu.be/G_qusi1Xoe4 In this episode Cas and I discuss Cumberland Global (formerly Cumberland Mining) the cryptocurrency arm of DRW, a major Chicago trading firm. We discuss reporting suggesting that they are one of the top Tether issuers, and you can find that reporting here.  AnchorSpotifyAppleGoogleOvercastRSS Feed

Episode 23 — Binance: The Tai Chi Document — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/08/20/episode-23-binance-the-tai-chi-document/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss/ https://youtu.be/5BqhkZBUPfo In this episode Cas and I discuss the Binance Tai Chi documents. A leaked set of documents as reported on by Forbes, which detail Binance’s plan to Binance US as part of a strategy of regulatory arbitrage.  AnchorSpotifyAppleGoogleOvercastRSS Feed

Episode 22 — Blockchain Terminal with Robert Green — Crypto Critics’ Corner

https://cryptocriticscorner.com/2021/08/16/episode-22-blockchain-terminal-with-robert-green/ https://anchor.fm/s/4fa795b4/podcast/rss/ https://youtu.be/N9fmzPxbE-Q In this episode Cas and I are joined by Robert Green, a marketing consultant who had worked with Blockchain Terminal. Blockchain Terminal was a fraudulent cryptocurrency company who was claiming to build the “Bloomberg Terminal” of crypto. The biggest issue with the company is that it was run by a known fraudster named … Continue reading Episode 22 — Blockchain Terminal with Robert Green — Crypto Critics’ Corner

Sunday Reads – Things I Found Interesting 2021-08-08

Binance After less than four months the CEO of Binance US resigns. https://twitter.com/BrianBrooksUS/status/1423727097323802626 ICYMI In these two episodes Cas and I are joined by Frances Coppola to discuss inflation, deflation, regulation, stablecoins, and algorithmic stablecoins. https://bennettftomlin.com/2021/08/02/episode-19-inflation-deflation-and-stablecoins-with-frances-coppola-part-1-crypto-critics-corner/ https://bennettftomlin.com/2021/08/06/episode-20-algorithmic-stablecoins-and-regulation-with-frances-coppola-part-2-crypto-critics-corner/