Orange Grove NFT

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I have finally found a NFT idea that I can give my full support to. It is called Orange Grove NFT and let me explain to you how it is going to revolutionize the Floridian Orchard ecosystem.

  • 10,000 NFTs will be minted, each representing a unique tree we intend to plant in the orchard we intend to purchase
  • Each NFT will allow you to vote in the OrangeDAO to help influence how our team of expert orange planters runs the orchard.
  • To give your NFTs extra utility, you will be airdropped a number of ORANGE tokens that represent your share of the harvest.
  • Each year after we have sold off our orange harvest we will use the proceeds to buy back and burn your ORANGE tokens.

Our goal is to return control of orange production to those who are most passionate about this extraordinary citrus.

Make sure you’re active in the Discord so that you can get on the whitelist for this revolutionary project!

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2 thoughts on “Orange Grove NFT

  1. So this is a non-voting , unregistered token of beneficial interest in profits to be generated by an unknown orange grove of unknown characteristics operated by an unknown party with unknown governance procedures incurring operating (and possibly other financing ) costs which will not be subject to review or control by the token owners ,and which may entail significant undisclosed conflicts of interest detrimental to the token holders . Sure , why not?


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