Episode 29 — The Pandora Papers — Crypto Critics’ Corner

Crypto Critics' Corner

The Pandora Papers Crypto Critics' Corner

Bennett Tomlin and Cas Piancey talk about a huge investigative drop from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: the Pandora Papers. The leaks will help the public understand how the rich, famous, and politically connected are able to evade taxes and move money without anyone knowing. If you'd like to read about the Papers yourself, please visit https://www.icij.org/investigations/pandora-papers/ If you'd like to donate to the ICIJ, please visit https://checkout.fundjournalism.org/memberform?org_id=icij&installmentPeriod=monthly&amount=10&campaign=701f4000001A4kF

In this episode Cas and I discuss the Pandora Papers, why they are important, what has been revealed, and most importantly why this type of journalism is so valuable and so important.

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One thought on “Episode 29 — The Pandora Papers — Crypto Critics’ Corner

  1. I wonder if there is anything about Deltec. I just read the bloomberg article and, not surprisingly, was very disappointed. They talk to the Deltec president and seemingly take him at his word that Tether has $15 billion there. They imply that maybe the other 75% is a little bit insecure in Chinese paper but perhaps has something behind it. The only shade they throw is on the commercial paper side saying that nobody has heard of them.


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