Sunday Reads – Things I Found Interesting 2021-07-18


Janet Yellen is getting together a whole bunch of regulators and law enforcement to figure out what the heck is happening with stablecoins.


I was able to go on the Grant William’s Podcast to discuss Bitfinex and Tether and he has also made his report on Tether and Bitfinex freely available.

In this episode Cas and I discuss his journey to try to find the offices of Bitfinex and Tether.

In this article I tried to figure out why Tether’s reserves look so…weird.

On this Twitter Spaces I was able to discuss Binance’s current situation with Frances Coppola, Cas Piancey, and David Gerard.

In this article I try to exhaustively document every audit, attestation, consulting memo, and letter meant to prove Tether was sufficiently backed.

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