Sunday Reads – Things I Found Interesting 2021-06-13

Books I Read

Insomnia – This book by Stephen King is a supernatural thriller (like many of King’s books). If you are a fan of King you will likely enjoy this, especially with the references back to Dark Tower and to Derry more broadly. If you are not a fan of King, I think he has better works for you to read. Be forewarned if you listen to the audiobook, the music selections between chapters are incredibly annoying.

Movies I Watched

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room – This documentary takes a look at the Enron fraud. There are many messages to be learned here that can be applied to other frauds.

I did a thread with my thoughts while watching the movie:

El Salvador

David Gerard covers the El Salvador situation brilliantly.

Yashar Ali

A fascinating profile on the prolific tweeter in LA Magazine.


In this article I try to look at the absurdity of Elon buying, selling, and shilling Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

In this article I try to wrap my head around just how big Tether really is.

In this article I discuss why I do not see venture capitalists as a sign of quality or due diligence for a crypto protocol.

In this episode Cas and I discuss the new initiative for Coinbase Media and Coinbase fact checking

I wrote about Coinbase media here.

Cas covered it here.

In this show we discuss the NYAG investigation of Bitfinex and Tether, the history of Bitfinex and Tether and more.

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