Sunday Reads – Things I Found Interesting 2021-06-06

Books I Read

Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins: Series I & II Collection – A beautiful and brilliantly written series of comic books that tell the story of how the adventuring group Vox Machina came to be. I truly enjoyed reading through this collection on a quiet Sunday morning.

The Four Hour Workweek – This book by Tim Ferriss is a book I have read several times now. I always have somewhat complicated feelings towards it. There are many techniques and ideas in the book that I personally am unlikely to ever use. However, it is often useful for me as a reframing tool. It is a good way to remind yourself that there are often social scripts that we allow to develop into limits on ourselves. Also there is good advice on starting information businesses.

Dungeons and Dragons

This video is incredibly valuable for 5e DMs who would be interested in pulling forward material from 4e to help combat. It convinced me to go out and buy the 4e Monster Manual. Giffyglyph has an awesome tool to make 5e monsters in the style of 4e as well.


Protos reports on the blow up of the NFT bubble.


In this article I rant about the new media and fact checking initiative by Coinbase

In this episode Cas and I discuss the ill-fated Canadian bitcoin exchange QuadrigaCX

In this podcast I discuss Tether, Binance, MakerDAO, and other systemic risks.

In this article I make a simple argument that shows there were unbacked Tethers.

I did a quick little question and answer about Bitfinex and Tether. Since no one was there at the beginning I just started sharing Bitfinex and Tether fun facts.

There are still way too many unanswered questions surrounding the acquisition of TrueUSD. Cas Piancey takes a look.

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