Scientific Nutrition Update 30: Cordyceps Mushrooms

Today we are discussing the cordyceps mushroom, another medicinal mushroom like the chaga mushroomthe lion’s mane, and the reishi mushroom.  They all have significant and sometimes surprising health effects. Continue reading “Scientific Nutrition Update 30: Cordyceps Mushrooms”

The Futility of Dieting


File:Healthy Diet.jpg
Image Courtesy of A2zdiet-plan

I’m sure this title is catching some of you off guard.  It certainly appears if you look around my site that I run a diet website.  But that misses the purpose of this website.  The tagline for this site is:

Eating for health, happiness, and longevity

That is what I study, and what I am trying to understand how to accomplish.  Oftentimes a diet is counterproductive to one or many of these goals. Continue reading “The Futility of Dieting”