Scientific Nutrition Update 28: Garcinia Cambogia is a Scam

I have discussed garcinia cambogia before but figured you guys deserved a podcast about it.  It is however still definitely a scam.


For today’s episode we are going to talk about garcinia cambogia, which is another one of those much-marketed weight loss supplements.  This is gonna be a quick one because it is an easy one to bust. Now what is Garcinia Cambogia. It is a fruit. Some people say it tastes good.  If you want to eat it because it tastes good, it seems plenty safe enough for that, go for it. However, people are selling supplements of this and claiming that it can help with weight loss.  You guys know how much I hate marketing claims like that, so we are going to go to the literature right here.


There was a study done and published in JAMA that showed that and I quote, ““Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo (1596).”  That is about as clear cut as it can get. Garcinia cambogia does not appear in this study to provide any benefit whatsoever to weight loss.


Now this is only one study so you may wonder whether it has ever been confirmed.  It has. Another study in the Nutrition Journal found the very same thing. No difference in weight loss.  


So you may be wondering why this whole thing started in the first place, there was a study done on overweight mice that found that high doses of garcinia cambogia helped reduce the weight of the mice.  This is where the whole thing comes from. The best part of it though? It was also toxic to the testes… Which may not worry my testes-free listeners, but this toxicity is not a good sign at all.


I have said this before on this podcast, but I am saying it again: WE ARE NOT MICE.  Do not draw strong conclusions from mouse studies. We are not rodents. Our metabolism is very different from mice.


So final statement, garcinia cambogia is a scam.  Do not buy it. It is a scam. If someone markets it to you, they are a charlatan and a scam artist.  Ignore them. Do not buy this.


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