Scientific Nutrition Update 14: Raw Water and the Ways it Will Kill you

This episode is all about that disgusting and mostly likely overexaggerated trend of people in Silicon Valley drinking “raw water” and all of the ways it can kill you.  Don’t do it.  WARNING: EPISODE CONTAINS SIGNIFICANT VULGARITY


For today’s episode we are going to talk about a new fad in health and fitness, raw water.  Just a warning that there is a chance I end up cussing in this episode. This is a topic that brings up more than a little bit of anger for me.  Actually more than a little bit. I have a righteous pile of anger to hurl at these charlatans, quacks, and snake-oil salesmen who threaten people’s health in order to make a few dollars.  It is disgraceful and disgusting and I am fucking sick of it in health and fitness industry.


For those of you who do not know raw water is water that is harvested from a “natural” source and then either drank or sold without any processing whatsoever.  No filtration. No treatment. No sterilization. In order to think this is a good idea you need to have no knowledge about infectious diseases, the processes of filtration, and history.  It’s a three-fer of ignorance and people are making money selling it.


Now, why do I think this is an awful idea? Well that’s a long list.  Let’s start with the obvious. Let’s start with dysentery and it’s super fun bloody diarrhea.  It has been largely eliminated in the first world, but diarrheal diseases kill 525,000 children under the age of five every year.  This is not some small laughing matter. These are very serious diseases with very serious consequences that you are drinking. So yeah if you want to give yourself bloody diarrhea, then drink some bloody goddamn raw water.


Maybe you have decided your immune system needs some ameobas, and you know what your colon has been a little too healthy recently.  Well don’t worry because besides drinking those delicious bacteria and getting explosive diarrhea, it is important to remember that many springs and water sources have been contaminated with pesticides from farming!  So besides all that delicious E. coli and Salmonella, you could add in some fantastic pesticides or even depending on where you happen to be other industrial contaminants.


But you probably think I’m worrying too much, it won’t happen to you.  Your water comes from a beautiful, unpolluted spring in the middle of a beautiful meadow.  Well do you want to know what happens at a beautiful spring in the middle of a meadow? Animals poop.  Your beautiful clean spring water is going to be loaded with animal poop. Okay maybe not loaded, I haven’t actually done the math to see what the expected amount of animal poop would be, but my acceptable amount of animal poop is pretty goddamn small.


Guys if you are worried about fluoride, or about chlorine, or about anything else you think may be in your water get a reputable home filtration system.  Please do not support the assholes who market scams like this. These people do not care about your health, they only care about making a few extra dollars.  


Oh and also there’s even ancient Greek and Egyptian texts describing how they would filter their water.  Water filtration is not some new conspiracy. It is the way to get consistently safe drinking water.


If you find any great journal articles on anything you think I might find interesting email them to me at  If you have any other questions send me a voice message on anchor and I’ll try to answer them on this podcast


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