Scientific Nutrition Update 3: Gain Weight with Only a Little Fat

Here we are with episode 3 of my brand new podcast that gives you quick daily updates on my thoughts on something interesting in health and nutrition.  (Episode 1Episode 2)  In this episode we discuss techniques that can help you gain weight, without gaining too much fat.  This is very different from yesterdays episode where our goal was to gain the weight as quickly as possible (Yesterday’s Episode)  Click the read more button to listen in and read the five rules.

In this case it boils down to five simple rules.

  1. Eat more
  2. Track your weight using a trend line with apps like Libra or Weighbot (discussed here and here and in my book here)
  3. Eat a lot of protein
  4. Lift weights
  5. Remember this is temporary and do it under medical supervision.


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