Cancer Fasting: Could Fasting Prevent Cancer

Cancer Fasting

Cancer Fasting

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We have already done a good job of analyzing many of the potential health and physiological effects of intermittent fasting, but what we have yet to address is whether or not it may have any effect on what may be the scariest disease of them all, cancer.  Even with the advancements in care, cancer is still a terrifying and often confusing disease, however it is possible that intermittent fasting may have beneficial effects.

There is a commonly preached belief in the intermittent fasting community that it can be useful in prevention of cancer.  If this was true then intermittent fasting could be one of the most important dietary changes in our lifetime.  I’m going to spoil all of your fun and all of your hopes.  INTERMITTENT FASTING DOES NOT HELP PREVENT CANCER OR INCREASE SURVIVAL RATE


There have not been any great studies done in humans but we can pull the evidence we need from animal models.  This study right here done in mice shows no significant difference in survivability.  Now I know what the people who are going to disagree with me are already thinking, it did show non-significant trends towards greater survival!  And you know what I say? You’re right, however this study, seems to pretty comfortably handle that objection.  Cancer fasting does not seem to have any significant evidence in the literature and therefore should be seriously recommended.


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