Weight Loss Update

Weight Tracked as I described here

Okay weight loss is hard.  Everyone who has ever done it before knows this.  Last week was a huge weight loss week for me, however the combination of stress, and a different schedule meant this week I rebounded a little bit.  However, this gives me a chance to pontificate for a minute about some of the interesting things I have observed at this point. (Remember you can track progress here)

Many people when they set out on a weight loss journey find that at some point they will hit this point in which they find that they are no longer having the initial huge drop they got when they first set out to lose weight.  This can be very discouraging to people. That is why at this point it is more important than ever to focus on what your end goal is.  One way that helps me to do this is the one I detailed here.  But no matter what it is crucially important that you do whatever you can to continue to work towards the end goal.  The other way I found effective for this is to look at your progress from the beginning.  This is why I keep a picture of me at my heaviest posted on my bedroom wall above my desk, so I can easily look up and see how fast I have already come.

Regardless, I still feel pretty good about the path I’m on, and feel pretty comfortable that I will be able to lose the twenty pounds by the end date so let’s wait and see.

One thought on “Weight Loss Update

  1. Weight loss means change, and change can be hard. Keep it up – it’s worth it in the end. 🙂
    One thing that really helped me were pictures of all the clothes and outfits I wanted to be able to wear. Sort of a visual / positive reinforcement reason as to why I was doing this.


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