On Hypocrisy and Blogging

The one thing that has been hardest for me about starting this site is coming to the crushing realization that I am a hypocrite.

In health and fitness blogging there is a compulsion that many of us fall to.  We feel the need to try to project ourselves as living the most perfect healthful life.  Often this is completely untrue.  I often come up short.  I order the dessert I know is awful for me.  I eat the bread even though I know I would be healthier without.  I make thousands of wrong decisions a year.

And that’s okay.

Every single person reading this is a flawed human.  If instead you are a flawed alien please send me an email and I will interview you and put it up on this site.

But we are each struggling and trying to find our path to health.  This isn’t a straight line path.  This isn’t an epiphany wherein one day you change everything.  I’m fighting against years of bad food habits.  Extra cookies, hidden candy, extra portions.  These are not simple habits to break and every time we blame ourselves too harshly we can fall further behind.

There is no doubt in my mind that my health is better now than it was when I weighed 305 lbs, and knowing that helps me stay on track.  But there are still many times where I make a mistake I know I could have avoided, there are times I ignore my own advice and end up losing control.  Or I forget to maintain a helpful habit or this one.  However, I also know I am still making progress towards a stronger healthier me, so every small setback is just that.  A small setback.

I wrote this post because I don’t want to be another health blogger hypocrite.  I am flawed and human and will remain flawed and human, but hopefully will keep moving along the path to health.


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